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The Rehearsal Club
Inc. 2019



​​​​​​​​​​​"Dedicated to telling the story of The Rehearsal Club, to preserving its
legacy and to inspire and support future generations of aspiring young artists."


Cinderellas of West 53rd Street​​

our story in print . . .
From Ohio to Texas, from New Jersey to California . . . from small towns and big cities . . . from all walks of life we came - by railroad, by bus, by plane.  Some of us "cherry picked" from our hometown dance studios; others, simply searching for more than our small towns could offer.  Each of us filled with a burning desire to set foot on the New York stage. 

Forward by Blythe Danner

​​ And each of us made our way to The Rehearsal Club.  Whether for two months or two years, the Club provided not only food and shelter, but also a foundation from which to build a career -- and a network of friendships that lasted a lifetime.​​
​​ This book contains the personal memoirs of the women who lived there, spanning four decades from the 1940's and WWII to the late 70's when New York was in fiscal crisis and the RC closed its doors.  Inevitably, together we tell the story of The Rehearsal Club itself, set against the landscape of the ever-changing Broadway theater and New York City. ​​
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