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The Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment promises to permanently commemorate our history on West 53rd Street next summer, 2019.  Stay tuned.

Monthly Social Media Seminar
Hosted by RC Alum, Denise Pence
See you in the New Year! 
February 15, 11am-1pm
SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, NYC

Photo by RC Alum, Francine Mancini, at Broadway Con, 2018
New Trivia: Hubby appears in Season 2 in Catskills episode 4 & 6 on ​Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (but many of his solo "bits" got cut - thus is the life of an actor in film)

For those interested in Denise's history on Guiding Light, visit her website to view History Lesson I & II.  The last History Lesson III was the challenge and only recently got released.  Visit her blog when you have time to kill.

Click here to read
December 16th NY Post
article by Isabel Vincent:

"'Mrs. Maisel' star pushes to revive boarding house for young actresses"

Actors Home Caroling!
Dec. 11, 2018
Top row: Denise Pence, Richard Ferrone (Cynthia Darlow's husband), Donna Moore (RC Friend), Steve Boockvor (Chair's husband), Judith Curcio, Amanda Trees & David Lewis (friend & pianist);
Kneeling: Mary Lou Barber (friend), Kurt Yahjian (friend), Michele Mason & Dottie Belle

Our deepest apologies to Sunny Keyser who wanted to come, but we ran out of seats on the van!  Next year!  Bigger & better than ever!
See our Facebook Group for small video


On your stands NOW
October/November, 2018

Note:  SAG Nominations are in!
Blythe is up for Best Supporting Actress in What They Had w/Hilary Swank

Trivia: (1) Amy is the daughter of RC Alum, Mayben Sherman Hewes and (2) watch for RC Alum, Cynthia Darlow to crop up in episodes here and there.

A Beautiful Thing . . .

Thank you to Kathy Conry for organizing this great group to perform Phyllis' signature song, This Is My Wish at Chris Gillespie's Memorial Anniversary.
Thank you to Terry, Michele & Denise for assisting Chris' wife, Patricia, in creating the program.

Season 2 Released in November!!

Kim's got a new series (link above)

Her Sensitive Skin series is still available    HERE
 Follow her on Twitter  HERE

She also had a successful turn in Private Lives on Broadway in 2011 and  The Witness for the Prosecution  on Acorn TV,  Jan. 30, 2017

Cynthia is also currently appearing off- Broadway in Pound, directed by Kathleen Butler and recently was seen as a judge in Madame Secretary!  You gooo girl!  

Gateway Playhouse
Aug. 20 - Sept. 15, 2018
Broadway World:
". . . boasts an entirely superb cast."

Long Island Advance, Glenn Rohrbacker :

"Another standout performance is from Diane J. Findlay, who plays the role of Hannah, Alex's mentor and dance coach.  She brings a piece of humanity to the story that gives Alex's quest more meaning.  Findlay is also excellent in the delivery of her comedic lines, and can balance her feelings between the lighthearted moments and the ones that aren't so much.  Her back and forth with her aide Louise, played by Amanda Finch, is also very humorous."

June 22, 2018
The Players Club, NYC

May 7, 2018

July 5, 2018

Our esteemed Honorary Chair organized
the George M! celebration


BRILLIANT bit of theater, conceived & executed by  Kathleen Conry as Mother Superior w/   Michele Mason , Judith Curcio and  Melinda Tanner .

Metro Baptist Church, NYC

Team Conry's fundraising efforts for her church also surpassed their goal.
We are all soooo productive!

30-Something Cast
Melanie Mayron Reflects

Outstanding Achievement in Film & Television
(more info on Hollywood Bulletin Board )

Snapshots, directed by Melanie is now available on Amazon!

Performed in Le Boudoir at Chez Moi 
(fashioned after a Marie Antoinette speakeasy)
I couldn't resist seeing what was behind the secret entrance to the downstairs music room - none of our RC women wanted to make their way to Bklyn so late at night - so, it was just me.  Quite a treat, too.  Delectible edibles, wine & jazz.  Thank you, Amanda!


Sara won the 2018 Bistro Award as Outstanding Director for her direction of the musical revue,
"​​​It Helps To Sing About It: Songs of Dan Kael and Ben Schaecter."
The show and its songwriters won the ASCAP Bistro Award as Outstanding Revue of 2018.  The Awards Ceremony was held March 12 at the Gotham Comedy Club.

Read more about the 2018 Bistro Awards here .

One of the songs from Sara's show, "I Can Tell Time" won a MAC Award as Song of the Year.  The 32nd MAC Awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, New York City.

Read more about the 2018 MAC Awards here .


​Join the crusade to support bringing Drama Books back!

Art by RC Alum, Charla Hayen
Also available through us HERE


Special thank you to all our supporting members whose funding helps up broaden our outreach.  Recent Outreach includes:

 ​$100 through  Diane Phelan' s (our RC 2013 Key Winner) organization designed to directly aid families in Puerto Rico affected by the recent devastating hurricanes. 

A Mass Card in the RC Name was donated - Christopher Gillespie (1965 - 2017) Chris is survived by his wife, Patricia, and son, Andre.  Chris played at the Cafe Carlyle for the past 16 years, Avery Fisher, Jazz @ Lincoln Center and for many a birthday party (pictured above) for the late Phyllis Creore Westerman.
Legacy Award Recipient
A special thank you to Blythe for her generous donation to our RC Women.  We hope to apply it toward preserving the RC name.  Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.
Carol Burnett In Charge Again!
January 30, 2016
New Netflix Series: " A Little Help With Carol Burnett."  Read more about it here:

November 3, 2015 ​​    November 15, 2015
We are so blessed to have both Carol and Blythe supporting our efforts with the ​​​​​​ documentary .

Meanwhile, Blythe is sublime in 
I'll See You in My Dreams
Directed by Brett Haley

"Blythe blooms like a bird of paradise in the first starring role she's had on screen in her 43-year career."  (The Weekly Standard, June, 2015
Our RC Alums continue to astonish!


When ​​​​ Andrea stepped up to be part of our "Cinderella" book, we had no idea the depth of her many talents.  She recently blew the roof off The York Theatre with her original, one-woman show, Me & Ella.  Check out the teaser above & contact her directly to participate in her Vocal Performance Series!

2nd Annual Broadway Con
January 27, 2018

Kurt Peterson (young "Ben"), Mary Jane Houdina, Denise Pence and her husband, Steve Boockvor participated on the original "Follies" panel with composer Jonathan Tunick , composer and the author of the diffinitive book, " When Everything Was Possible ," Ted Chapin .

Photo by Sue Coflin


Dancers Over 40 honored Mary Jane Houdina on December 11, 2017 at Lips Restaurant with their Ninth Annual Legacy Award.

"From DO40 Legacy Honoree Mary Jane Houdina’s opening number, “Broadway Baby,” to DO40 Legacy Honoree Ron Young’s closing song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENED!  Applause, first of all, and a standing ovation!"
John Sefakis, President

RC ALUM, MARY JANE HOUDINA Director/Choreographer
We invite you to share memorabilia (pictures, film clips and/or anecdotes) for publication on this site and elsewhere as directed by majority vote of the Officers and Steering Committee. All submissions to The Rehearsal Club are automatically released to us by you.   If you have any questions, contact:  [email protected]