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Letters!  We Get Letters!

Connecting the generations . . .


 I believe that my mother, Colette Jackson, was a member/tenant of the rehearsal club. She died 43 years ago today and I recently met someone who told me that she was there in New York at the Rehearsal Club. I believe it would have been the late 50's and early 60's. I was born in Los Angeles in 1968.

Received from Robert Rosenthal,
[email protected]

"My God, a web site devoted to The Rehearsal Club!!!

I know, I know, I didn't live there - I'm a man - but in the early 60s I sure as heck hung out there. I have the greatest memories of some of the most wonderful people I ever knew. Ask Jodi Perselle who wrote me religiously when I was in the Army.

I think you should add an Associate Member category for those of us who couldn't live there, but were Rehearsal Club Stage Door Johnnies and knew many of the girls.

I'm going to send you a small check as a token of many truly fond memories. Where should I send it?"

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Is there anyone who can confirm that she was there? If I were to come to New York is there memorabilia or photos that I could pay to have copies of?

I have no history of my mother before I was born, her parents died also when she was young. It would be a treasure to me and my children if it is true that she was there and you have any records or photos of her during that time. 

With gratitude,
Shannon Sturges

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Thank you, Shannon, for coming to our Centennial! Members of the RC have sent photos & memorabilia to Shannon of her mother, once featured in the TV Guide article which coined the RC women the "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street." Read more on our Centennial HERE


Centennial 2013


​​Letter from Lyle Bass on behalf of her grandmother, Gladys Frazier (now Benbow) (RC 1933)

"While in a girls' residence in NYC, my grandmother was, among other things, a Rockette, a John Powers model, and was a slave girl in the B'way Production of Aida. We have her journal from when she was there, with programs from shows she saw, notes from people she met, lots of headshots . . .

She was only in NY a year or two because she left to be one of the handful of starlets on tour to promote the original Moulin Rouge movie. She's now 93, and my grandfather, a trumpet player, is 96." We're doing our best to piece together their lives . . .
[email protected]
May 15, 2010

Jean Lawrence

Hi, I was just listening to Carol Burnett talk about the Rehearsal Club, and it brought back memories of my aunt and I walking by the townhouses that used to be the Rehearsal Club before they were torn down. I’d love to learn more about it someday.
Laura Duffy

Katherine Cornell

Randy Reade is currently doing extensive research on the above actress, known to be a benefactress to The Rehearsal Club.  
​​From Bernice Shepard
[email protected]
October 5, 2012

Glad to be connected & it would be nice to hear from anyone who was at the club when I was!  I'm in San Fran. visiting my son & grandchildren . . . seem to remember a girl from San Anselmo . . . if anyone is from there?  I hope to come to NY for the reunion.  I will keep in touch.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Bernice came to our Centennial and brought her whole family!  Love you, Bernice!  Thank you for finding us & staying connected!