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The Rehearsal Club
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​​​​​​​​​​​"Dedicated to telling the story of The Rehearsal Club, to preserving its
legacy and to inspire and support future generations of aspiring young artists."


Katie Hanley-Storer ​​
RC 1971 ​​
When I arrived at the Rehearsal Club in August, 1971, I was immediately welcomed into the family. The memories of all who lived there are some of the richest of my life, and I will always be grateful for the genuine support I received from each encouraging friend.

Almost immediately, I became part of the cast of Godspell at the Cherry Lane Theatre, singing "Day By Day".  Soon after I was in the original cast of Grease. In 1972 I was cast in the film version of Godspell, singing "By My Side."  By 1979, I moved to LA and found myself dancing with Gene Kelley in the film, Xanadu!  Other roles in primetime like Charlie's Angels, commercials and theater came along, but by the 1980's my drive to work as an actress faded and I moved to be near my family in Chicago and begin anew.

What was particularly interesting to the above chapter was that my Rehearsal Club sisters often helped me juggle my baby girl, Jeannette, when I had auditions.  How does one thank friends enough for such generosity of spirit?  

Today, I am happily married, enjoying life, cherishing family, playing golf and missing my RC sisters!