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The Rehearsal Club
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​​​​​​​​​​​"Dedicated to telling the story of The Rehearsal Club, to preserving its
legacy and to inspire and support future generations of aspiring young artists."


Kathleen (Kathy) Vestuto

RC 1978-1979
Kathy likes playing with Photoshop.

She also enjoys writing. Actually, she finds conducting research for writing more fun than the writing itself because she’s a nerd.

Her book,  The Lives of Justine Johnstone: Follies Star, Research Scientist, Social Activist , is a biography of the celebrated actress who suddenly quit her theater and film career at the top of her game to enter medical research.  The book made Classic Images magazine’s “Best Books” list, and has a five-star Amazon rating. Her publisher, McFarland, lists her book under the category of “Real Badass Women.” Kathy’s totally good with that.