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​​​​​​​​​​​"Dedicated to telling the story of The Rehearsal Club, to preserving its
legacy and to inspire and support future generations of aspiring young artists."


Joanne Lilith McCorry Cincotta
RC 1964-65, August 1966

In 1964, when I was a student at The Leland Powers School of Radio Television and Theatre in Boston, I casually mentioned out loud to some other students that I wanted to move to NYC to study acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse.  My problem was where to live.

Suddenly a voice popped up behind me and said “ why not try the Rehearsal Club”.  Rehearsal Club?
I had not heard of it.  Six months later I was living in the 4th floor room without windows, a student at the Playhouse and a new friend of Judith Curcio and Judy Jensen. Being a Leland Powers graduate, Judith had
sponsored me into the Club.

I am happy and grateful that my closest friends today are the “girls” I met at the Rehearsal Club so many years ago.

I graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse, did voiceovers and paid my bills by working at a communications and film company.  Along the way I met my husband through the first ever computer dating service.  We only paid $4.00.  We were happily married for almost 40 years until he passed away.  I have continued living as only a strong Rehearsal Club girl would do in Bonita Springs, Florida (West Coast near Naples) a lovely friendly creative area.  C’mon down.

While I haven’t attended any of the NY meetings and events, I have kept up with everything via Judith and photos.  I am looking forward to joining Gale Patron, another old club friend, in keeping things humming along.  Everyone should be proud of what you have accomplished.