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Diane J. Findlay

What the Critics Have to Say!

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​​DIANE J. FINDLAY is a firecracker, even when confined to a recliner.  When she's let loose to enjoy her romance with Windslow, Findlay shows the kind of gusto that turns aging gracefully into love of life.  She whirls about the kitchen, baking muffins and keeping Julie in line with sharp remarks, alol with a grin that lights up her face. Findlay nearly rescures the play by showing Cora's ability to find that smile again, without taking joy for granted.
VT's Independent Voice by Alex Brown


. . . as played by Diane J. Findlay, a right-on-target portrayal as to stance, posturing, mannerisms and as to the overall essence of the feisty, outspoken, complicated woman. Her cold stare in his direction speaks volumes. 

​Seeing the real Ball onscreen will not destroy Findlay's richly textured portrayal and will add greatly to the amusement and mystique.
Broadway World, Don Crigware

Diane J. Findlay's portrayal leans toward homage rather than imitation, but it’s convincing because she gets the star’s essence right. One of Lucy’s great strengths as a comedian was her readability – you could always see what was on her character’s mind. Findlay captures that quality.
Orange County Register, Paul Hodgins

Impersonating a legend as familiar as Ball is a lost cause, but Findlay looks like she’s channeling Estelle Getty in a tousled fire-engine red wig. 
LA Times, Charles McNulty


​​DIANE J. FINDLAY  makes a terrific old lady as the imposing "Madame Armfeldt" in Little Night Music.
Orlando Sentinel
DIANE J. FINDLAY in the role of HANNAH in Flashdance gives an outstanding performance.   She brings a piece of humanity to the story.  FINDLAY is excellent in the delivery of her comedic tome that her character could insert at just the right time.
Broadway World

THE FULL MONTY: "Jeanette"

Diane J. Findlay excels as piano-playing ‘Jeanette Burmeister
Smithtown Matters, Jeb Ladouceur

. . . the introduction of the spunky Jeanette Burmeister (Diane Findlay) in “Big Black Man” can’t be missed,
Long Islander Review, Jean Law

Tales of the City

DIANE J. FINDLAY . . . as "Mother Mucca" is a show stopper in the brothal breakout of the song, Ride em Hard
San Francisco Gate

DIANE J, FINDLAY as "Mother Mucca" needed only 2 scenes to create a vivid personality.

Stage and Cinema
DIANE J. FINDLAY in the role of "Texas Guinan" is a terrific red-hot mama in her world-weary Nobody Needs a Man as Bad as That and very moving in the heart rendering Better Being Loved . . . 
Show Music Magazine
There are gems here in the CD of A Bag of Popcorn and a Dream as DIANE J. FINDLAY delivers the gem song from Grand Hotel . . .  "The Grand."
TheaterWorld, Ken Mandelbaum