The Rehearsal Club Documentary
The Early Years - Stage Door - The War - Golden Age - Final Curtain

Lucy A. Bruell

Centennial "teaser" to the fuller story . . .


Narrated by
Blythe Danner

Exclusive Footage:
​Carol Burnett

We are currently seeking a producer who recognizes the historical value of the Rehearsal Club, understands why the movers and shakers created it in the first place, appreciates the multitude of dreamers who benefited along the way and realizes the reverberations of its loss on the NYC cultural community today.

The current site of our former home, 47 West 53rd Street, is now owned by the Museum of Modern Art.  A secondary entrance to the Museum is currently under construction and will house a new theater/screening room.

We are visualizing Carol Burnett, Blythe Danner, Sandy Duncan, Kim Cattrall and a chorus of RC worker-bees along side them at the Rehearsal Club Documentary premiere!