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Bernice Shepard (Winters)

RC 1944 ​​

Although I no longer remember how long I lived at the Rehearsal Club, I know I was there at least during 1944,
and I have fond memories of living at the Club.

When I first came to New York City to act, I stayed with a relative in Far Rockaway.  But after I got my first part, I realized the commute would be too long. A friend suggested a shared apartment, but when I stopped by to meet my potential roommate, she was in the middle of a party that my mother would not have approved.  Instead, I connected with Marlon Brando -- our mothers knew each other -- and stayed the night at his apartment. No, he wasn't there. But the next day his girlfriend told me about the Rehearsal Club, and with Marlon’s help I moved in.

According to my card, I played ingénues, adolescents, giggles and brats -- the last of which, my children always kid me, came naturally. Among other things, I performed on Broadway in
Pick-Up Girl and I'll Take the High Road.

​​One of my first parts was in Lee Strasberg's production of Black Narcissus, with Cornelia Otis Skinner. I went to an audition and was too naive to realize that "come back next week" meant "no thank you." But when I came back the following week and explained to one of the actresses why I'd returned, she told me that she had just been given a part in another show and gave me her "green card," which meant that I had been cast.
After Broadway I continued performing in Chicago, my hometown, until I got married in 1948. I had two children.  My daughter was a consultant to nonprofits until she died in 2014, and she had a special gift for turning around struggling chapters of major nationwide nonprofits. My son is a lawyer and lives in California, where I moved in 2014. My son has three children, pictured below, all of whom are in college this year.

Bernice & Family at The Players Club
RC 2013 Centennial!

​ I can be contacted  through my son at the following address/phone number/e-mail:

Michael Shepard
Hogan Lovells US LLP
3 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111