Mention "The Rehearsal Club" for a discount at this elegant safe haven for young professional women.  The criteria is not what we had (i.e. talent and good references).  They require W-2s to prove you can afford to live there.  However, with over 300 rooms, 2 gourmet meals a day, laundry services, communal rooms w/flat screen TVs and a backdoor garden . . . check it out.  Might be the perfect solution to surviving in NYC!


Current owners of The Rehearsal Club property, we seek to have a commemorative plaque displayed in honor of the theatrical community of friendship and support existing at 47 West 53rd Street from 1925 to 1979 .
Ever since our Centennial in 2013, The Players has held a special place in the heart of each of us.  Maybe it's the theatrical ghosts of its historical past; maybe it's the actual home that still exists today -- while our does not. 

We look forward to celebrating & honoring both our histories.

105th Anniversary Celebration coming in June, 2018!
Their "She Made It"  honorees include our own Carol Burnett (2007).


As part of the Historical Society's WWII Exhibit, 2012-2013, our own Phyllis Jeanne Creore, the original "Canteen Girl," was profiled.  We look forward to even more collaborations in the future as their Women's Museum continues to honor our work.
See our HISTORY page for more info on how we're so completely connected.  Visit their new theater to sit in The Rehearsal Club seat, our lasting memory.
TRIVIA:  PROFESSIONAL CHILDREN'S SCHOOL began in the cafeteria of The Rehearsal Club - 1914
Visit our STAGE page to see how they supported the very first staged reading of our new musical, Good Girls Only.
Many of us continue to be proud union members.  We are also greatly indebted to their EEO Committee for helping us produce Union Women @ Work -- which launched the creation of the full Rehearsal Club Musical! 
Both these organizations will play a part in the upcoming Rehearsal Club Documentary.  We will be hiring our star alum, Blythe Danner, a union member, as our Narrator and NYWIFT is our fiscal sponsor.  Join us in the journey!  DONATE HERE!
This organization takes care of all of us as entertainment professionals in transition:  Physically ( Housing); career-wise (Actors Work Program); or, health-wise ( Lillian Booth Actors Home)
We've lost so very many friends to this dread disease.  So we walk each year in support.  Join us in the fight!  Thank you, Tom Viola, Executive Director, for all you do and for being our supporter, too, all these years.
Cinderella writer, Charla Hayan , in honor of Drama Books 100th Anniversary, has created a very special "Theater" card -- with a tribute to the RC's history!  Maybe "our" book will be sitting on their shelves one day soon!
SANCTURARY ARTS INITIATIVE has been a valued supporter for the development of our musical!