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The stars among us, including Carol Burnett, Blythe Danner and Melanie Mayron, are in our press kit and have already signed off on supporting our fund-raising letter for the documentary.  
Contact:  Lee Kelley: 

As Tina Fey said, “ The life of a working parent is constantly saying 'This is impossible,' and then you keep doing it.” Réjane did it 125 years ago.  

Support The Réjane Project:


As many of you know, Kathy Vestuto, is putting the finishing touches to her history book for us and thanks the many who have released their stories to her. 


Judith Curcio is collecting recipes, headshots & bios to incorporate into another publication of our Cookbook. 

Contact:  judith.curcio@espn.com

L to R: Dramaturg, Tonia N. Sutherland, Director Christopher Sivertsen, Musical Collaborator Adrien Reju, Réjane's great-grandson (and Adrien's Dad) Michael Finckel, Ridley Krechmer (Ilana's daughter), Writer/Creator Ilana Turner and Joel Berman (Ilana's Dad.) 
The Acting Co.'s production of Stage Door & RC members

"​Cinderellas of West 53rd Street"

We are moving forward with our project , thank you to all the new writers coming on board! 
We invite you to share memorabilia (pictures, film clips and/or anecdotes) for publication on this site and elsewhere as directed by majority vote of the Officers and Steering Committee. All submissions to The Rehearsal Club are automatically released to us by you.   If you have any questions, contact:  membership@rehearsalclubnyc.com
Mentoring today's young artists

Received from Robert Rosenthal, 

His e-mail address is: rosenthal@spiritofamericatour.org​

"My God, a web site devoted to The Rehearsal Club!!!

I know, I know, I didn't live there - I'm a man - but in the early 60s I sure as heck hung out there. I have the greatest memories of some of the most wonderful people I ever knew. Ask Jodi Perselle who wrote me religiously when I was in the Army.

I think you should add an Associate Member category for those of us who couldn't live there, but were Rehearsal Club Stage Door Johnnies and knew many of the girls.

I'm going to send you a small check as a token of many truly fond memories. Where should I send it?

(any contributions are payable to "The Rehearsal Club," 
c/o Boockvor Productions, 
111 Great Hill Rd, 
Ridgefield, CT 06877)


From Bernice Shepard
October 5, 2012

Glad to be connected & it would be nice to hear from anyone who was at the club when I was!  I'm in San Fran. visiting my son & grandchildren . . . seem to remember a girl from San Anselmo . . . if anyone is from there?  I hope to come to NY for the reunion.  I will keep in touch.

Oldies, but Goodies:

Letter from Lyle Bass on behalf of her grandmother, Gladys Frazier (now Benbow) (RC 1933)

"While in a girls' residence in NYC, my grandmother was, among other things, a Rockette, a John Powers model, and was a slave girl in the B'way Production of Aida. We have her journal from when she was there, with programs from shows she saw, notes from people she met, lots of headshots . . .

She was only in NY a year or two because she left to be one of the handful of starlets on tour to promote the original Moulin Rouge movie. She's now 93, and my grandfather, a trumpet player, is 96." We're doing our best to piece together their lives . . . emis100@yahoo.com

May 15, 2010

Jean Lawrence

Hi, I was just listening to Carol Burnett talk about the Rehearsal Club, and it brought back memories of my aunt and I walking by the townhouses that used to be the Rehearsal Club before they were torn down. I’d love to learn more about it someday.
Laura Duffy

Katherine Cornell

Randy Reade is currently doing extensive research on the above actress, known to be a benefactress to The Rehearsal Club.  

 I believe that my mother, Colette Jackson, was a member/tenant of the rehearsal club. She died 43 years ago today and I recently met someone who told me that she was there in New York at the Rehearsal Club. I believe it would have been the late 50's and early 60's. I was born in Los Angeles in 1968.

Is there anyone who can confirm that she was there? If I were to come to New York is there memorabilia or photos that I could pay to have copies of?

I have no history of my mother before I was born, her parents died also when she was young. It would be a treasure to me and my children if it is true that she was there and you have any records or photos of her during that time. 

With gratitude,
Shannon Sturges

Members of the RC have sent photos & memorabilia to Shannon of her mother, once featured in the TV Guide article which coined the RC women the "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street."

Connect with us if YOUR mother lived at the RC!
Received from: 
Shannon Sturges

Re: Her mother
Barbara Murphy Vigliano
1923 - 2013
Many of our women attended Barbara's mass and viewing in New York.  Kathy Conry bought a Callalilly plant with a lovely note that the "callilies are always in bloom for Barbara" -- perfectly representative of the women of the RC.
Lori March Dies At 90

Lori March Scourby, an actress known as the "First Lady of Daytime Television" for her decades of work in serials, has died. She was 90. The wife of the late Alexander Scourby, an actor and narrator of numerous audiobooks including the King James Bible, died in her sleep on March 19.

As Lori March, she played Valerie Hill Ames Northcoate on CBS’ THE SECRET STORM from 1964 to 1974 (Alexander played her husband for a couple of years on the show).
Marymount College also produced an amazing Stage Door, inviting us to talk with their cast.  Panel includes (rt to left): Lee Kelley, Chair, Rise Clemmer, Secretary, Terry Baughan, Treasurer,  Jean Preece& Kathleen Conry, Honorary Chair.
Lee Kelley talks about the Rehearsal Club Centennial and all of us as "catalysts for creation"
Netflix series for the woman over a certain age . . .

Read more about it HERE

Twitter HERE
Mary Jane Granum 92
 Feb. 02, 1921- May 05, 2013


1933 - 2015
(pictured above promoting Bells Are Ringing 1960)

Donna, a Rehearsal Club Alum, has supported all of us from the very beginning as part of our press kit. Betty Biggers Galvano, too, remembers her fondly as part of her upcoming memoir as part of our book, tentatively titled "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street."

Donna Douglas, best known for her role as the tomboy daughter Elly May Clampett on the 1960s fish-out-of-water CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, died on New Year's Day, according to WAFB Channel 9 in Louisiana, which cited family members. The actress was 81.
 RC Steering Committee Member
Jean Preece 
 & her husband, John Doswell
Pictured above in happier times, we regret to share that John passed away last weekend. Cards may be sent to her home at 455 West 43rd Street, #1C.
Ramona Brooks  (1951 - 2014)
​(RC 74-5) Ramona L. Brooks (Stubblefield), 63, whose talent shone on the Broadway stage and as one of Barry Manilow's Flashy Ladies, died June 2 in Heartland Hospice in Oregon. She had cancer, her brother Glenn said.
- See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/toledoblade/obituary.aspx?pid=171330564#sthash.x241mH7m.dpufRamona Brooks's Obituary on Toledo Blade
View on www.legacy.com
Kim Cattral 
Passed 2015 (pictured here at our 2013 Centennial)
Blythe is sublime in

I'll See You in My Dreams
Directed by Brett Haley

"Blythe blooms like a bird of paradise in the first starring role she's had on screen in her 43-year career."  (The Weekly Standard, June, 2015)


November 15, 2015
November 3, 2015
Passed Nov. 14, 2015 
pictured above at her 90th in 2014
Passed peacefully October 3, 2016
NYTimes Obit, October 6, 2016
A Life Well-Lived - NBC

​Kathy Conry, who led our group singing Phyllis' signature song, This Is My Wish, and Michele Mason spoke on behalf of our women at her lovely, well-attended memorial on October 15 at Park Avenue United Methodist Church.

Donations in her name can be made at The Actors Fund or 
Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute at Mt. Sinai
One Gustave Levy Place, Box 1070
New York, New York 10029

​Collage by Denise Pence Boockvor
The untitled comedy is about a family who gets a chance to buy the house of their dreams — a house they’d never be able to afford under normal circumstances, but is able to under extremely abnormal circumstances. They must live with the current owner, an older actress (Burnett) — until she dies! 
Best Actress In A Short Film
2016 General Meeting
October 2, 2016

From all of us to all of you, thank you for supporting all of us in spirit across the country.  

Charles Leipart center) was our guest speaker on behalf of the "Good Girls Only" musical which is now completed & submitted for presentation to various venues. Amanda Roberts presented on behalf of the book, now signed w/Curtis Brown Books; and Lee Kelley presented for the documentary.

Thank you to Jean Blevins for donating studio space for us!
This week Robina Suwol, our wonderful Rehearsal Club Alumni, presented awards at the group she founded California for Safe schools.

She has been fighting for environmental protection now for 18 years. 
Attending were two of her board members Kathy Kellogg Taxe, a brilliant psychologist and also Rehearsal Club Alumni, also Donna Inglima director of Laguna Playhouse Youth Theater and Rehearsal Club Alumni,and supporter Patricia Hill, political activist, 40 year cinematographer, ex board member of IATSE 600 and Rehearsal Club Alumni.
Kim Cattrall and Billy Howle in “The Witness for the Prosecution” on Acorn TV, 
Monday, January 30, 2017

NY Times Article