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The Rehearsal Club Documentary
The Early Years - Stage Door - The War - Golden Age - Final Curtain

The donation that lasts a lifetime . . .
Lucy A. Bruell

Lucy's experience in producing and directing covers a wide range of programming.  Before forming L.A. Bruell, Lucy was a Reporter/Producer for Newsweek Television, Director/Producer for news and sports broadcasts at KTSF-TV, San Francisco, and Producer for interactive programs at Lancit Media in New York.  She also produced episodes of "The Babysitter's Club" for Scholastic/HBO.

She has produced a trilogy of documentaries on young classical pianists that aired on public television stations nationwide.  "On a Personal Note," the final film of the trilogy (2011), was awarded a Gold Medal of Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival.  Lucy graduated from the University of California in Berkeley with a BA in Psychology and received a Masters In Journalism from Columbia University where she later taught as an adjunct faculty member.  She currently leads a weekly seminar on humanism at the NYU School of Medicine.  Her work has been exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Art.
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