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RC Memorabilia
Guardian Cuff
Marion Ragsdale's daughter, Amy, provides these exclusive bracelets, engraved to order!  

Her sister, Paula, is an artist - check out her work, too!

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Alumnae Services
Lenka Peterson
Kramers Pipe & Tobacco Shop 
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Handed down through the generations, Marsha and her husband keep this Hollywood landmark alive today.
Marsha Kramer
Linking the Generations
Creativity through the generations
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Carol Burnett
Kim Cattrall
Lani Drake Barovick
See page 67 for RC Reference
"No one will light the way for you, you will have to find it yourself ."
Alice Middleton
Photographer/Casting Director
Jen Halpern is a Casting Director based in New York City. She casts Actors (Union/Non-Union) and Real People for Commercials, Television, Feature Films, Print, Voiceovers, Promos, and Industrials. Jen has worked as a Casting Director on hundreds of different types of Castings. 

Sunny Keyser
Jen Halpern

Lee Kelley: 
Speech Coach
Cold Readings & Accent Reduction Coaching, Workshops and Seminars for US & Foreign Actors

Feature your own website!
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Dottie Belle Meymann:
Accredited Health Fitness Specialist

Former Rockette does one-on-one & group fitness coaching
Barbara Ann Warren Woronko Anzalone

Former Rockette & Artistic Director of Precision Talent  (click on the picture to visit her website)


Available with a tax-deductible donation to NYWIFT in support of the documentary.  

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RC Key
Designed by Amy Ragsdale, inspired by Terry Baughan

My method enables the actor to access and release what is already present in him/her. Working to seamlessly channel an actor's inner life, the goal is to develop a technique that will ensure commanding performance in preparing a role.
Contact: gracekiley@gmail.com 
 Acting for Stage & Screen
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Betty Galvano
Mary Jane Houdina Hunt
Dance Classes
Tues tap 6:15 to 7 beg/ int ; jazz b'way style 7- 8:30 int/adv

5-6-7-8 Dance Arts
4005 Danbury Rd.
Brewster, N.Y.10509
(close to Danbury, conn. but in NY) 
If you need more info:
(914) 548-8196

RC Notecards
designed by Terry Baughan
8 cards for $12 (plus $6 shipping)
(Up to 3 boxes per shipping charge)

Contact: Terry Baughan: tallrose@aol.com 
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Margaret Brown
Kathy Minicozzi
EQUINOX - Darien, CT

Ask for Jolan, our Chair, Denise Pence's daughter!